About Me

Hello! I’m Paula Menetrey and I paint realistic and colorful portraits of animals. I paint custom portraits of companion animals, wild (spirit) animals, and rescued farm animals living in sanctuaries.


Art and animals have always been my two main passions. I believe all animals deserve our love, admiration, and protection. I strive to bring about a deep appreciation for all animals, whether we live with them and call them our pets or only see them from a distance, whether they have paws, hooves, or feathers. To me, they are all worthy of having their portrait lovingly painted so that their unique personality or essence can be celebrated.


My mission is to help people feel connected to nature by bringing them face to face with the beautiful beings with whom we share our planet.

Bovine Paradise

I know you love your pets like you love your kids. Let’s be honest, they are your kids. I know because I have always had a houseful of cats and I’ve cared for countless other cats and dogs as a pet-sitter. We love our pets so much our hearts are bursting. I will create a one-of-kind portrait that really captures his or her likeness, and you will always have their darling face right on your wall.

“I ordered a painting of our dog, Winnie. I was a little hesitant to do this online, but my concerns quickly vanished as Paula began working with me. Her email communications were great and she kept me informed of the progress.
The painting arrived quickly and was absolutely amazing. The detail is unbelievable. I also liked that it was ready to hang, so I didn't have to bother with framing. Paula captured our Winnie perfectly and I couldn't be more pleased. 
I highly recommend Paula to anyone who is considering a custom pet portrait.” –April B.

Winnie with her portrait

Maybe you have a certain animal you are really drawn to, that has significance for you in some way, your spirit animal. Having a painting of that animal to look at every day is a powerful way to feel connected to them. It’s also a special and unique gift for a fellow animal-lover.

“This is a gift for my step-daughter who also lives in Cincinnati. The doe is one of her totem animals/spirit guides. Your print is captivating - I think she will love it.” –Joanne S.

Deer Spirit

And if you’re like me, you want a kinder and more compassionate world. I’ve decided to use my skills to help farm sanctuaries raise money by painting portraits of their residents. I donate the painting for their fundraising events, and a portion of the print sales to them.

“Hello, I knew Ted and walked him to and from his pasture many times, usually with Dino. I loved Ted and how beautiful to stumble on this portrait. Thanks for your work!” –Jean R.

Big Ted

Loving animals must be in my genes because I am a third-generation cat lady. My grandmother took in every stray cat who came her way, and managed to have collected quite a large number of them by the end of her life. My mom couldn’t turn away a cat in need either - she brought home a kitten she found in a parking lot, and allowed me to keep a hungry cat that followed me home one day when I was eight. I was in Kindergarten when we lost our beloved cat Snowball, and I was so sad that my mom surprised me with another white cat she adopted from the local shelter.


As a very shy child my favorite things to do were draw, hang out with my cats, and create scenarios for my stuffed animals to act out. I took art classes after school at our local art center and then went on to get my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art.


I always felt very connected to animals and especially sensitive to any kind of wrongdoing against them, and that’s why I began making animal portraits for sanctuaries to help them with their fundraisers. I decided to build a career based on my two loves and I started painting pet portraits. I have also worked with animals in different settings throughout my adulthood –at a boarding facility, at a spay/neuter clinic, and as a pet-sitter (which I currently still do). I’ve bottle-fed orphaned kittens in a shelter, and I’ve even taken workshops in Healing Touch for Animals. So basically animals are my life.


Please get in touch if you’d like to work with me on creating a custom animal painting for you or as a unique and special gift for someone else!

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Interested in a custom pet portrait? Other questions or comments? Get in touch!

 paulamenetrey@gmail.com |  Cincinnati, Ohio